10 most popular handbag brands

10 most popular handbag brands

Of all nationalities, the British are the most devoted to luxury handbags. According to a recent study by the International Bureau World Luxury Index ™. The research was simultaneously looking at the ten most popular handbags and Coach decided on one condition.

The research shows that Britons and away the largest share passion for luxury handbags. A whopping 40% of searches for luxury bags on the Internet are motivated by Britons.

World Luxury Index ™ brought more than 130 luxury brands in card. Design of the study was to foresee the popular label, secondly, to identify the most popular designer bag. Within that context, the agency screened 130 million searches in eight countries.

The emerging American accessories label Coach stands with one dot. It owes the brand to Gwyneth Paltrow made the Americans’ enthusiasm for the bag collection. Coach picks up customers therefore largely on the US market.

The most sought after handbags in the world is the iconic Birkin from Hermès. The variation in crocodile leather is the apple of the Americans, the British and the French. While Americans prefer the orange to the French and British prefer to play it safe with the black version.

The United States also show big fan of Chanel 2.55, also the favorite of Kate Moss, Diane Kruger and Linda Evangelista. Surprisingly, the Japanese seem to have enough Louis Vuitton – they are the only country where Louis Vuitton has disappeared from the top five.

Longchamp in France takes over the first place, towering head and shoulders above Louis Vuitton with twice as many searches.

Below are the top ten worldwide of most popular designer handbag brands

1. Coach
2. Louis Vuitton
3. Chanel
4. Gucci
5. Longchamp
6. Prada
7. Hermès
8. Mulberry
9. Marc Jacobs
10. Michael Kors

Who wants to buy a handbag for investment, best taken into account with the make, model and demand. Fashion it-bags, such as Faye Chloé or Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis, may now well be popular, it’s likely that everyone has already forgotten within five years. It is smarter to invest in classics that are still as popular 10 years later. Moreover, there is not only high demand, the major brands like Chanel and Hermes, also attract further their prices every year, so you often agree to sell at a profit so timeless bag.