Are designer handbags a good investment?

Are designer handbags a good investment?

A designer handbag costs alot of money. And you buy a designer bag not every day. Sometimes it may therefore be important to think a handbag is a good investment for a women. Not because you want to invest in designer bags, you want to do a good buy. But are designer handbags a good investment?

A good investment can explain in two ways. A good investment in terms of money. Or a good investment in the bag that is perfect for you and where you can find can be pleased with. That I see as a good investment. And is a bag that is both? Well then you’ve really found a winner! Immediately buy my advice is always.

But remember, it’s your money and you can do whatever you want! But maybe my story will help you to make an informed choice.

Good investment handbags

There are only a few bags that really always been a good investment. They have already proven that they really just become more valuable or not drop too much in price as they are used. The latter has to do with supply and demand. Bags that are popular on the secondhand market is always more expensive.

Chanel, Hermes, or Louis Vuitton?

The only designer handbags that really remain are the fixed value of Chanel and Hermès bags. Exceptions. For instance worn or broken bags and non-standard designs and colors. Buy a black Chanel 2.55 or Hermès and go neat way? I’m 99% sure that the bag you can sell year after purchase with profit!

And Louis Vuitton then? My experience is that popular models always remain popular. Provided you cared for properly, your bag may not fall much in value if you want to sell the bag. But the offer Used Louis Vuitton bags is great. Only the popular bags like the Speedy, Neverfull, Noé Alma and will always be in demand. Because Louis Vuitton has a lot of different models in the collection.

Ever heard of the cost per wear ? Take the purchase price and pay part by the (possible) that you would carry the bag and you have the cost per wear turn. A bag you day after day and vacate succession becomes a bargain. A bag that you love and happy is always a good investment. And it does not really matter what the case is worth. Your favorite bag is so priceless?

No good investment? a less good investment if you’re going to make money.

It bags

Do you know them? The Chloé Paddington? The Fendi Baguette or Spy? The Marc Jacobs Stam bag? Of the Mulberry Roxanne? Based on these bags can be nice history of the it bag describe. At the height they were not dragging. But what do you think of these bags? Yep, these bags it showed that a designer bag really is not always fun or remains a good investment in terms of money. They have become almost worthless because nobody wants them anymore.

Do you have one in your closet? I hope that the bag is a nice reminder of a good time.


I love Sale! Nothing score above a designer bag discount. But let’s be real , those bags do not go for anything on sale. The model is from the collection, the color is only this season hip or the question is after all not that big of a particular model. Buy discount prices on air bags only when you really like and they just start using. Because that’s awfully fine. I do myself.

It is always a good investment?

And the conclusion? No. I think a designer handbag in most cases is not a good financial investment. But hey! If it is a good investment in your wardrobe and for fun. That is perhaps the most important. But a designer bag is expensive, so sleep is especially a few nights about before you buy one.

Make money with buying luxury designer handbags?

It really can! On your savings account you don’t actually get any interest anymore so you have to be a little creative if you want to make money even more money. Traditionally investing I can’t, but I’m doing well in spending money. And just that comes out well if you want to invest in luxury bags. I already told you about it in a report last Sunday at Radio1 and today I explain how to do it exactly.

Nowadays, men invest very hip in expensive We women can better focus on investing in luxury bags. But before you spend thousands of dollars on a bag you need to know what you have to buy. Which bag is well the perfect investment piece?

It might be cliché, but do you want to earn a lot from selling a bag? Choose the Ultimate Classic and the most popular and oh so hard-to-obtain Hermès Birkin. Because of the huge demand you sell this bag 100% certainly with a hefty profit if you want to. You can also just keep it yourself if you have found the bag once. Because buying a real Birkin is certainly not a trivial one.

Because how do you buy exactly the Birkin? Waiting lists are not really there anymore, but unfortunately you can’t just walk into the shop to buy one. You should build a relationship with a sales assistant from Hèrmes. You first need to buy a lot of small leather goods, scarves and other bags. And very maybe then you will get a Birkin offered once. You understand it, you are now broke and months further. Can it be different? Yeah, try it out in Paris, there it seems easier to go.

The Hermès flagship store in Paris at the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré is a major tourist attraction. In that shop there are so many tourists that you can almost not build a good relationship there as a customer. It seems that if you are lucky you can buy as a walk in a Birkin. It’s a matter of luck so. But if you can earn so much from this bag do you want to drive that gamble anyway?

The calculation

A new Hermès Birkin 35 costs USD 8712. The average selling price is 16483 USD. That’s a profit of as much as 7770 USD! Almost double so. That is a good place to go. But how do you sell that bag?

So you can sell this designer handbag for almost double through a reseller. These resellers usually ask some percent commission per sold bag. For me, it still remains a dream to buy this bag, let alone to invest in this bag.

It is an investment

Well, Michael Kors probably will not rise immediately three times in value, but if you go towards premium designers – think: Celine, Chanel and Louis Vuitton – you can play to get your bag within five years worth more is now. Chanel prices rise even every year. All you that bag within a few years back tired, then you sell it in no time, just turn to the same price where you bought it used at all.

The best reason to buy a designer bag? You will be happy. And happiness is priceless, right? If you have the money, you do not sandwich less need to eat and you still can pay the school fees of your children, why would you deny that bag because others find it an irresponsible purchase? “You have nothing to be the richest in the cemetery.