How should the bag actually really weigh?

After a long day come home and finally put the bag on the ground. Lovely. Ladies, we have to be honest that handbag is probably full of stuff you just do not need, and that makes the bag soon weigh several kilograms. How should the bag actually really weigh?

How should the bag actually really weigh?

The ideal weight for handbags

It has been previously shown that with too heavy a handbag walking around is very bad for your body. You see the neck and back muscles really off those extra kilos. How much weight you can carry in your handbag? Well, it depends on which type you choose.

Do you have a shoulder bag? Then you need to make sure that your bag never weigh more than 10% of your body weight. That boils down to when you say, 70 kilos will see on the scale that handbag you but may weigh 7 kilos. In addition, choose you best for a bag with a thick strap.

Would you take more? Then choose a backpack . When you wear such a handy backpack, you can bring 20% of your body weight, twice the weight of a normal shoulder.

First aid for the clutch : Do you spend a night out and the clutch is the perfect accessory? Then you have to consider that you maximum 2.5 kilograms brings you.

You go like a real Mary Poppins handbag with you through life and it seems that bag of yours to have an inexhaustible soil? Then you can clean better still once your bag, your back / arms will thank you.